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Orthopedic Dog Bed Sofa

Orthopedic Dog Bed Sofa

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Why Choose Zozo's:

  • Orthopedic Support: Our orthopedic dog bed sofa is designed to give your pet unparalleled support for a deep, dreamy sleep. The high-density egg-crate foam helps
  • Easy Care Removable Cover: Featuring an easy-to-remove, durable, and stain-resistant cover that makes deep cleaning a breeze. Simply machine wash and tumble dry.
  • Designed for pets: Our Zozo's pet bed sofa mattress design gives your fluffy friend plenty of room to sprawl out and get cozy in any position. Easy to carry and ideal for use indoors and outside, in your car, or wherever life takes you.

Product Dimensions





Special Feature

  • Environmentally Friendly,
  • Orthopedic,
  • Easy to Clean,
  • Removable Cover
  • Anti-slip


Short Plush, Egg Crate Foam, Pearl Cotton, Suede

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Dog Bed Size

According to the size of your dog's body, choose the right, suitable for stretching the size of the dog bed


Dog Bed structure

We are committed to the research and production of avariety of direct skin surface soft materials, so that your pet can enjoy a comfortable and soft rest at all times

  • Thicker support

  • Suede

  • Short Plush

  • Ultra-soft Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I pick the wrong size/color?

No worries at all. Contact our customer service team once your order arrives and we can help exchange it for a more suitable size.

REMEMBER: Don't let your dog use the bed, one important thing you know is that each dog's odor stays on the bed, which affects the safety of the next dog!

Do I need to pay customs taxes?

We cover all shipping costs associated with your order.

How can I choose the right size for my dog?

To be honest, we won't recommend the size because you are the only one in the world who knows your dog best. We will do our best to help you choose the right bed for your dog.

If I don't like it anymore, can I return it?

Sure! We support 30-day returns, but if your dog has been used or you have cleaned it, sorry you will lose the support of our policy. A fair thing is that we can't sell to the next dog if you've already used the product, right?